Pre-menopausal diet/ Menopausal diet
Good Morning Sunshine ☀️, 🌈 I am Claire, The Hive Eco Store's founder. I started The Hive early 2016 in the goal to off
Freedom Flow Project: This Is Just The Beginning
While some of us find it easy to grab sanitary pads at one of the stores anytime and anywhere, about 47% of people from
What is Composting For Beginners?
Thinking about it, have you ever wondering on how to make the environment cleans but you don’t know what to do? You ar
The Hive's E-waste Collection
According to Department of Environment, Malaysia, “E-wastes” are broken, non-working or old/ obsolete electric electron
Escape To These Community Garden And Reconnect Wi
In the midst of a pandemic, our relationship with nature is weakening. Ever since we are allowed to go out under an enh
Self Love Is Planet Love
By: Ruthravathy Tenaigaran It’s February. Our thoughts focus on love more than ever. Sometimes, it is not all about rom
Handmade With Love: Story Behind the Reusable Ang
As part of our social responsibility, we try our best to partner with local organic farmers, women entrepreneurs, refug
The Significance of E-waste Management
Did you know that the medals for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics are made of recycled electronic devices? In fact, most of the e-
Zeroing in Malaysia
The zero-waste movement is a lifestyle where people aim to reduce their garbage output to almost zero. Around the world
Gifts of Sights: Giving Used Eyeglasses a Second
Have you ever seen Judyth at our shop? She is an amazing lady we must acknowledge! Want to know why? Keep reading!
Why Eating Less Meat Can Help Save The Planet?
Do you know that what’s on our plate can impact the world’s climate? Do you know how much water does it take to produce
How To Prevent Waste During Ramadan
It is the time of the year again for Muslims all over the world, the holy month of Ramadan. While we are encouraged to
Do’s And Dont's For a Better Planet
It’s Earth Day. We should express our love and appreciation for mother nature by treating her right. Here are some do’s
Easiest Ways To Reduce Your Water Footprint
In conjunction with World Water Day 2019, let’s take a moment to appreciate the abundance of water resources available
4 Steps To Spice Up Your Day With Ayurveda
1.Wake up your body and clean your digestive system. Just as you wake up, drink a fresh cup of lemon, raw honey, and
4 Easy Steps For A Zero Waste Christmas
4 EASY STEPS FOR A ZERO WASTE CHRISTMAS Every festive season, we are facing excessive packaging from what is torn open