Black Friday/ Cyber Monday what is your position?

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday what is your position?
☕️ This morning, upon discovering the new Black Friday/Cyber Monday option termed "BFCM" on The Hive's Shopify dashboard, I find myself uncertain about the implications of this addition. The question arises: is this a manifestation of excessive consumerism?
♻️ As an organization committed to waste reduction and providing superior quality products at affordable prices, The Hive's ethos appears to align with the overarching goal of minimizing excess consumption. However, upon honest reflection, I cannot deny that the introduction of this option has generated a sense of excitement and enjoyment.
💰 While some retailers have chosen to boycott BFCM, The Hive has consistently participated in these large-scale sales events with the intention of making sustainable products more accessible through substantial discounts. This approach stems from our desire to cater to individuals who may otherwise be unable to afford these products at regular prices.
🛍 I have always appreciated a positive retail experience, finding it enjoyable. Nevertheless, it is imperative that such activities are conducted in a measured manner to avoid negative impacts on our mental well-being, financial stability, and the environment.
💆‍♀️ In essence, while the thrill of these events is acknowledged, it is crucial to ensure that our actions are reasonable and considerate of their potential effects on our overall mental health, financial resources, and the planet.

💥 What is your position on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday?