Escape To These Community Garden And Reconnect With Nature

In the midst of a pandemic, our relationship with nature is weakening. Ever since we are allowed to go out under an enhanced movement control order (EMCO), how many of us actually tried to reconnect with nature?

Do you?

Interacting with nature, specifically plants and trees, has a role in helping our physical and psychological health. Did you know that spending just one hour in nature can improve our attention spans, boost creativity and reduce stress levels?


You can go for a walk in the park, hiking, riding a bike, have a picnic, exercise outdoors and more. Or, you can visit these community gardens to bring more greenery into your life. Bonus? They are located in Kuala Lumpur!

Kebun – Kebun Bangsar

Bangsar is not all about bars and casual late night out. It is also the home of KKB – the green lung of Bangsar. It is located less than 5 minute drive away from Bangsar Village.

The area is a proposed 2.5 acres linear green garden on a TNB reserve in Lorong Bukit Pantai, Bangsar which is designed, built, managed, funded and maintained by community efforts and volunteers.

KKB is open everyday, free to visit and family friendly. There is a large garden, filled with vegetables and flowers.

Furthermore, KKB is a great place for children to learn, see up close, and interact with farm animals. Why? Because you will find dozens of chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and even a cow! You can purchase feed for these animals at RM2.

Besides, you can volunteer at their garden with your family or friends. Feel free to drop off your compost in their compost bins which are placed right outside the entrance.

Address: Lorong Bukit Pantai, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


Free Tree Society

FTS is an environmental organization that spreads the environmental stewardship messages by giving away free plants. They educate and inspire others to celebrate nature.

Located in Bangsar, they have a lovely nursery filled with various plants and flowers. FTS maintains an ecosystem in their garden in order to encourage biodiversity. Hence, their garden is pest-free!

They have implemented a rainwater harvesting system, installed solar panels and accept compost drop-offs during opening hours.

FTS conducts voluntary programs on every Tuesday and Saturday by providing hands-on activities. They are also running an environmental education programme in partnership with the Taman Tugu Nursery.

Fun fact: As of June 2019, FTS have given away over 33,093 trees.

Address: 91, Jalan Limau Purut, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur


Appreciating the environment, and moving towards a zero waste lifestyle helps to enrich a greater sense of connection to nature. It’s important to continuously learn about climate change, and take appropriate actions.

For example, dropping off your organic materials at KKB or FTS will help to reduce waste that could have ended up in landfills. These are just small steps for big changes!

So get up, go out and reconnect with nature!