Ground Coffee (50g)
Ground Coffee (50g)
Ground Coffee (50g)
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Ground Coffee (50g)

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Ground Coffee by The Hive

Ground coffee is actually what makes your brewed coffee. You can then put them in a tea bag and pour a hot water. Kindly noted that ground coffee is not an instant coffee.

If you're having the question on the mind to choose between instant coffee and ground coffee, you should know that ground coffee contains 2x times the potassium contained in instant coffee.

Ground coffees are packed with a lot of health benefits that you may not be aware of and you shouldn't feel bad about drinking it. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and certain caffeine levels, coffee gives you the boost to go for the day.

Pair it with our stylish The Hive Bamboo Flask and have your coffee on the go.

Product Details:

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Net weight: 50g
  • House Blend: Yirgarcheffe/ Sidamo/ Sumatra
  • Roasting: Medium - Chocolate brown color, dry surface, and full of flavor.
  • Aroma: cinnamon hint, fruity, nutty 
  • Slightly sweet, toasty, a slight woody aftertaste


Why is it good for you?

The caffeine contained in coffee is proven to increase your brain functioning by not just keeping you awake. It temporarily improves your mood, general brain function, reaction time and makes you vigilant.

Also, drinking coffee also helps you burn your fat faster and enhance your physical performance.

Coffee also helps in reducing the chances of type 2 diabetes risk as studies find and is extremely good for your liver - drinking coffee help to balance enzyme level. 

Ground coffee as skincare:

Puffy eyes: Mix 1 tbsp of ground coffee in 2 tbsp of almond oil and leave it for four days. Use a cheesecloth to strain out the oil and add vanilla extract to it. Transfer the same to a roller bottle and roll under each eye before bed.

Face scrub: Mix 1 tsp coffee grounds with ½ tsp jojoba oil. Scrub gently on your face to remove dead skin.

Cellulite scrub: Mix in a mason jar and add in it 1 cup of ground coffee, 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder, and ½ cup of coconut oil. Take about 1-2 tbsp and scrub in circular motions on cellulite-prone areas in the shower.

The leftover ground coffee can be used as a compost to grow your plants. Try it!

Care Instructions:

  • To maintain their optimum freshness, the ground should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark, and dry place.
  • Once purchase, best to use within 2 weeks. 


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