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Bachok Holiday Hamper Set
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Bachok Holiday Hamper Set

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Bachok Set by The Hive!

Looking for an affordable, sustainable, and must-have zero-waste bathroom kit as a gift to someone? Bachok Set is the solution! They are suitable for any event - be it for your friend's birthday, or teacher's day, this set is packed with all you need for your eco bathroom! 

The Bachok set comprises:

1. Bamboo Toothbrush (Color is subject to avilability):

Made of natural bamboo, the Hive's bamboo toothbrushes are recycle-able and compostable.  Available in assorted colors and soft nylon bristles, They are suitable for any member of the family!

Note: *For the Bachok set, the bamboo toothbrush is only available in black color. Kindly contact us if you would like to request a change. 

2. The Hive Bamboo Charcoal Handmade Face Soap 100g:

Bamboo charcoal handmade soap is 100% made from natural ingredients, healthy and nutritious skin cleansing. Bamboo charcoal has a super decomposition, adsorption that can deeply clean the pores of the dirt. Bamboo charcoal-rich minerals penetrate into cells, effectively restoring cell activity and hair follicles.

Ingredients: Bamboo charcoal powder, sweet almond oil, olive oil, palm oil, glycerin, natural vegetable oil.

Note:*If this soap is out of stock we will replace it with Clarity by Kindersoap, or kindly contact us to request for a change (Applicable ONLY if Bamboo Charcoal Handmade face soap is made unavailable).

3. The Hive Seaweed Shampoo Bar 55g

They are made of kind ingredients for your hair and scalp will love. It contains rich seaweed, licorice, angelica, and other plant extracts. The active essence penetrates into the scalp, nourishes hair, replenishes hair moisture and nutrients, repairs your hair while cleansing the scalp. Suitable for normal to dry hair.

Ingredients: Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium palmitate, sodium palmitate, glycerin, water, abalone, Butyrospermum park II, Cladosiphon okamuranus extract, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root extract, Angelica extract.


4. The Hive Sisal Soap Bag:

Sisal soap bag is well known for natural exfoliating and foaming while in the bath, the Sisal Soap Bag has an outer open mesh surface and a softer inner weave for those who prefer a gentle scrub.

They are 100% made of natural Sisalana Agave Plant, which is also great to keep the soap for prolonged use as it helps to reduce soap waste. When it is no longer can be used, you can simply compost them or dispose of them in your green recycle bin. 


5. Cotton Mesh Bag:

Your new best friend for grocery shopping! Ditch single-use plastic bags by switching to our cotton mesh bags. They are great to store and carry fruits, vegetables, or even some dry produce such as beans and pasta. Take them with you when you go out for groceries. It's durable, breathable, washable, and reusable!

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