Sourdough Bread Making Workshop
Take your baking talent to the next level.

What is sourdough bread?  Despite the immediate impression you may get from its name, sourdough bread is bread that is naturally fermented using wild yeast cultivated from mother nature. It is chemical free, vegan and all natural not to mention healthy and delicious at the same time. 


This workshop is a beginner workshop that will introduce you to the world of fermentation together with its benefits of consumption. There will also be a demonstration on how to make a loaf where participants can observe and try if they like. Below are the topics covered in this workshop: 


What is a sourdough starter and how to make one 

How do we maintain a sourdough starter 

Demonstration of bread making 

Slap and fold technique 

Stretch and fold technique 

Baking a sourdough loaf 


Once you registered, you are entitled to a FREE starter kit that includes: 





Sampler loaf of bread 


Our Sourdough Workshop

We have conducted few series of sourdough bread making in the past. The workshops took place at The Rawsome, TTDI with the tremendous help of Ai Lin from The Levy Project too!

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