Tell me more about The Hivette 

The Hivette is a menstrual cup, the menstrual cup is a reusable device for menstrual fluid collection. The Hivette is available in two colors and sizes, can become your new BFF when you’re having your period. The Hivette is the first Malaysian menstrual cup and was introduced at the beginning early 2019. The Hivette is an environmentally-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Depending on the flow, the cups are reusable for up to 10 years, leak-proof, hypoallergenic and all day long (8 to 12 hours) we recommend emptying your cup every 4 to 6 hours. The Hivette is made of medical-grade silicone.

The Hivette is made of FDA-registered and medical-grade silicone which originates from Germany, while the moulding process is done in China. The laboratories testing is done in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The material of the Hivette is tested to last for years. With proper care, it can lasts up to 10 years. However, we recommend that you replace it if the material starts getting sticky, cracking or any visible tears spotted.

Every purchase will get you one (1) Hivette cup and a matching waterproof travel-friendly pouch

Every purchase will get you one (1) Hivette cup and a matching waterproof travel-friendly pouch

The material of the Hivette is tested to last for years. With proper care, it can lasts up to 10 years. However, we recommend that you replace it if the material starts getting sticky, cracking or any visible tears spotted.

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The Hivette is available in many sizes and two colours; yellow and black

25ml: For beginner or medium flows
35 ml: For heavy flows or if you have given birth naturally
What is the shelf-life of The Hivette?

The material of the Hivette is tested to last for years. With proper care, it can lasts up to 10 years. However, we recommend that you replace it if the material starts getting sticky, cracking or any visible tears spotted.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Menstrual Cups

How do I clean and disinfect my cup?
It is necessary to disinfect it before using your menstrual cup for the first time (and after the end of each period). You can do this at home quickly: just grab a pot, drop the menstrual cup in, add water so the menstrual cup is not sitting on the bottom of the pot, and place it on the top of the stove. For five minutes, boil the menstrual cup, and that’s it. Remove the menstrual cup from the pot and enable it to fully cool down until insertion
How often should I remove and clean?

Your cup must be removed and washed every 10-12 hours ( we recommend emptying the cup every 4 to 6 hours) . This represents someone with an average menstrual cycle’s experience (30-60ml total per cycle). Cups keep 4-6x longer than a single tampon or pad meaning you can wear it for longer periods.

Do I need to boil the cup every time I want to use it?

When you are on your cycle, every time you empty it, you do not need to disinfect your menstrual cup. A quick cleaning with hot water and a mild soap would be appropriate. Make sure that the tiny holes just below the rim of the menstrual cup are washed out, which is responsible for producing suction so that blood does not spill past the cup.

Can I clean it in a public bathroom?

Yes you can but don’t simply clean your cup with bathroom water. You should bring with you some bottled water or use a disinfecting wipe. If you don’t have any, just clean it with toilet paper, reinsert it and clean it later

Menstrual Cups and Safety Related Issues

How is this safer than tampons/disposable pads?

Menstrual cup is safer than tampons/disposable pads as menstrual cups collecting the fluid rather than absorbing it like the tampons/pads did. Thus, it lowers the risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSSS) resulting from bacterial infection. More about TSS

The Hivette is made up from a medical grade silicone where technically, this material is known for being skin-contact safe, durable and versatile to be used as it tested and approved by the FDA for its biocompatibility.

Plus, The Hivette is tested in Kuala Lumpur Laboratory….. where we got the Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Can wearing a menstrual cup cause infertility?

No, wearing menstrual cup can’t causes infertility

Infertility caused by many other factors and wearing a menstrual cup ain’t one of it. Yes, the vagina’s wall will bend and move to create space but it is totally normal. Once the cup is removed, it will return to its compressed state


Can I use The Hivette if I have an IUD?

Yes, you can.

Before using The Hivette with an IUD, it is recommended to ask a doctor. The Hivette cup is not a means of contraception.

Can I wear The Hivette if I have endometriosis?

YES and YES! You will have to empty your cup more frequently, depending on how strong the flow is, but if you suffer from endometriosis, it is fully safe to use a period cup. We always, of course, recommend consulting your doctor first

Can it get lost inside me?

No, the menstrual cup won’t get lost

The cup inserted in your vagina will be held in place by a strong pelvic muscles at the tube between cervix and vaginal opening. The opening of your cervix is slightly open to allow the blood to pass through, so it is impossible for the menstrual cup to go in and get lost inside you.

It is normal if you can’t feel the menstrual cup, but now you know it is there, it’s just you can’t feel it. You can try by squatting down and use your muscle to push it down while staying relax

Wearing Menstrual Cups

How to wear it? (STEP-BY -STEP GUIDANCE)
1. Wash & Sanitize
Remember to use clean water and gentle soap to wash your hands, to prevent the entry of microorganism to your vagina.
2 Fold Your Cup
There are several various folding techniques, so try to find the one for you that fits.
3. Try to Relax
While putting your menstrual cup, your muscles ought to relax, so find a supportive place
  • You should crawl, squat, sit on the toilet or just get up. Over time, you can discover the place that fits well for you!
  • You may want to use water or a lubricant dependent on water to ease insertion.
5. Insertion
Once you find the correct angle and the correct position, insert the folded menstrual cup and withdraw your fingers until the whole cup is inside you and let it open.
You could hear a “pop” or a suction sound, if the cup is placed correctly.
If you wonder, hit the bottom of the cup and feel it – it should appear circular or oval and not have any visible folds.
6. Rotate
If you feel a dent or fold on the base of your menstrual cup and you don’t realize that the suction seal is made, gently hold up and rotate the base of the cup to make it unfold.
When your menstrual couple is in place, try pulling the stalk a little, if you feel resistance, the suction seal is formed and the cup is properly inserted.
The trunk should be entirely inside you with nothing sticks out.
However, we are all formed differently and if you feel irritated by the stem, you can trim it (not while inserted) especially for some women who have a low cervix
How do I fold the cup?

We have several choices on how you can fold the cup before insertion.

Noted that, everyone has their own preference. Try and let us know which one suits you the best!

How to choose the right size?

The Hivette is available in two (2) sizes.

The smaller cups (25ml) are generally suggested for women that are:

  • Younger than 30 years old/teens
  • Haven’t give a birth, vaginally

The bigger cup size (35 ml) is frequently suggested for ladies who are:

  • Older than 30 years of age
  • Giving a birth, vaginally
  • Have a heavier period
Is it painful wearing a menstrual cup?

Your first time using a menstrual cup can be a bit daunting as you feel uneasy. However, the process becomes very easy after 2-3 cycles of period and eventually, you will get used to it without you even realizing it.

How do I know when the cup is full?

Cups can be worn comfortably for up to 12 hours, but when you first start using a cup, we suggest testing it after 4 or so. You will have a clear idea of the flow after a few cycles and how much you need to drain it

How do I remove the cup?

1- Wash
Again, start washing your hands with mild soap and warm water.

2- Relaxation.
Sit back, squat, sit on the toilet or stand up, find a suitable spot for you. Relaxation is important, since your menstrual cup would be harder to remove if you tense.

3- Remove
Pull gently on your stem until you hit the base while removing your menstrual cup. Put a gentle squeeze on the base of the cup (or insert your index finger next to it) to loosen the suction seal and alleviate it.
4- Wash and empty
If the cup is removed, drain the collected blood into the toilet or sink and water the cup (remember the air holes) and reinsert.
You can use toilet paper to purify your cup and then rinse it with water if you’re in a bathroom without access to clean water.
5- Insert it again.
If your cup is clean, reinsert it as stated in phase 1.
6- Store.
After that time is over: Boil the cup in water for 3-5 minutes to disinfect and hold your cup in the waterproof Hive pocket.
Can I go to sleep while wearing a menstrual cup?

You absolutely can go to sleep with your menstrual cup replacing disposable maxi-pads. It is advisable to empty the cup just before bed as they can be worn up to 12 hours. Again, we do recommend emptying the cup every 4-5 hours because of Toxic Shock Syndrome although it is extremely rare, worldwide we are aware of only 1 case over the past 10 years.

Did I lose my virginity while trying to insert the menstrual cup?

First of all, the presence or absence of hymen shouldn’t define your virginity. Secondly, the hymen is very soft and thin tissue, located at the opening of your vagina. This means, it also can break due to physical exercise too

Won't it leak when I'm exercising?

No, it wont (assuming you are wearing the right size)

You don’t have to worry about the leakage if you’re wearing the correct size. You should be able to sweat without any leaks. We always recommend wearing a liner during the first few cycles until you discover what works best for you (liner or no liner).

Do I need to remove the cup when I go to pee?

You don’t have to remove it. You can urinate while wearing it

The menstrual cup is placed into the vagina, which is different to our urethra (the tube which carries the urine). Theoretically, there’s no interference with urination and wearing a menstrual cup

Refer to the picture to be more clear on what we are trying to imply.



A better alternative to disposable sanitary pads

About The Maker

“I’m Claire Sancelot – maker of The Hivette, and I wanted to ensure that women have a sustainable, comfortable and eco-friendly method of period management that’s also friendlier on your pocket – given that the average woman will spend a couple thousand dollars managing her period with disposable products. Truly asolution that I wish existed while I still had my periods! I’ll love to hear your stories and suggestions as we will be rolling out even more solutions for the modern woman – e-mail me at”

What Should You Know About Menstrual Cup

The placement of the cup should be laying low in the vagina or…… if you used tampons before, it should be lower than that (preferably not over the cervix opening) . Plus, the cup should be fully inside you with nothing sticks out.

You will feel a discomfort as soon as the cup is sitting near to the opening of your cervix as it shouldn’t be there. But do not get shocked by this, it just means that you will have to go a little further upon removal.


  1. Always, always and always wash your hand during both insertion and removal of the cup. This is very crucial to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina and prevent infection
  2. The cup needed to be folded before insertion. As you know you can find many types of folds and it’s very important for you to try and find the best one that suits you the most, your best friend’s preference might not be easy for you, if you know what we mean 😉
  3. We truly understand that the first time using a menstrual cup would be a little bit difficult, but it is important to stay relaxed and do yourself a favor to damp the cup before insertion, which you can use any water-based lubricant. *Thank us later!
  4. Make sure that you are already in the position that makes it easier for the insertion, we would suggest you to spread your knees and squat down. But again, it’s up to your preference.
  5. You can always try to rotate the base of the cup to let it unfold whenever you feel uncomfortable.