Adopt X The Hive

Adopt X The Hive

♻️ The zero-waste fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market continues to face challenges due to a shift in consumer preference towards heavily packaged foods for safety reasons during the pandemic, coupled with high inflation.


🐝 The Hive has been diligently working to enhance the competitiveness of its product offerings. However, the comparison between our paper-packaged bamboo toothbrush and plastic-packaged toothbrush, bamboo toilet paper versus oak/maple toilet paper, and glass jar/refillable toothpaste tabs versus disposable plastic tubes ... still presents a significant hurdle for us to overcome, despite our close progress towards achieving competitiveness.


🛍 Customers have shifted their preferences towards high-quality and affordable goods, particularly during this holiday season when the overall mood is subdued.


🎁 Consumers are seeking joy through beautifully wrapped products. Despite our strong commitment to the ethos of Reuse-Reduce, we are aligning our focus with consumer desires while maintaining our brand identity.


🎉 We are excited to announce the introduction of Adopt​ Parfums to our customers. We can now offer a 30 ml fragrance for USD 16.

The charming bottle design eliminates the need for additional packaging.

Adopt boasts robust Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) programs and is conscientious about responsibly sourcing its products, prioritizing both people and the environment.


✨ We are thrilled to have Adopt as a new partner, as it seamlessly aligns with The Hive's ethos and caters to consumer preferences for the 2023 holiday season—affordable, high-quality products that bring cheer.


🎊 Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!