🚀 11. 11, 2023 Sales

🚀 11. 11, 2023 Sales

🤓 Today, on the 14th of November, it's time to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our 11.11 sales performance. It is good to note that Alibaba Group has not released its 11.11 sales since 2021, assuming it was its highest sales ever.


💥 We are pleased to announce that our sales figures closely mirror those of 11.11, 2022, with only a marginal variance in a few hundred Ringgits.


⚠️ It's noteworthy that our average basket size was lower compared to the previous year. However, despite the economic downturn indicators typically associated with increased order volume and reduced average basket value, we are fortunate to report that our final profit has remained resilient.


♻️ An intriguing observation from the 11.11 sales is the impact on FMCG eco-friendly products since the onset of COVID-19. While there has been a notable decline, the demand persists, contingent upon competitive pricing in comparison to non-green alternatives.


🏆 Our standout performers for 11.11, 2021, were once again the Hivette, washable period pads, and Code Red, maintaining their position as top sellers on both Shopee and Lazada for the fifth consecutive year.


💛 Our pride in this accomplishment is heightened, especially considering the challenges faced by online and offline retailers over the past four years. Achieving consistent sales and maintaining profit levels akin to the previous year is a substantial victory for The Hive.


💪🏾 As we gear up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the festive December season, we remain optimistic about sustaining this positive momentum.

How did your 11.11 sales fare?