Do’s And Dont's For a Better Planet

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It’s Earth Day. We should express our love and appreciation for mother nature by treating her right. Here are some do’s and don’ts we can try to keep our planet beautiful.

Ethical behaviour starts at home where everything is governed by us. Do you know that even a small change helps to lessen your environmental impact? It’s true!

Do’s: Upcycling
Here’s an opportunity to unleash your skills in handcrafts. Just search for some DIY ideas on the internet to give your waste materials a second life. For example, you can turn paper bags into lovely gift wraps.

Dont’s: Waste water
Every drop of water is precious. Therefore, don’t leave the tap water running. As an alternative, place a container outside your house to save some rainwater for a carwash.

We spend most of our time at work. Hence, there are plenty of green initiatives we can start for a more environmentally friendly workspace.

Do’s: Carpool
Sharing is caring. Fewer cars mean reduced greenhouse gas emissions and better air quality. There’s less road congestion too! 5 people in one car are better than 5 people driving individually. We can have a good chit chat with the other passengers too.

Dont’s: Print one page
If you want to print some documents, print on both sides of the paper. You will save money, paper and the environment.

Apart from our home and workplace, we must adopt environmental solutions into our daily lives. Make it a habit to encourage positivity in what we do for the planet.

Do’s: Get Involved!
Let’s take matters into our own hands. There are plenty of little things we can do to beautify our environment. Additionally, we can bring in our family and friends. For instance, we can clean the beach. We can plant trees in the backyard. We can feed the birds. As a result, we get a better environment and time well spent with others.

Dont’s: No littering
We are living among the ruthless litterbugs. Perhaps, we could be one too.
Regardless of how busy we are with our daily life, it’s downright important to keep our surrounding environment clean for the wellbeing of our biodiversity.
So dispose your trash into the garbage bin. If you can’t find any bin, don’t hesitate to carry your trash in your bag and dispose of it at home. Be responsible!

Do’s: Go for vegan or vegetarian options
Meat and dairy industry produces a huge amount of greenhouse gasses which contributes to global warming. Thus, we can try to cut down meat by filling our plate with fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. It’s healthier and cheaper too.

Dont’s: Use plastic bags
A study suggests that ingesting even a single piece of plastic can be life-threatening for sea turtles. Besides, we have the responsibilities to protect our ocean and its inhabitants. So remember to bring reusable bags whenever you go shopping!
All in all, if you’re already doing your part, then keep it up! But if you’re not, feel free to try the do’s and avoid the dont’s listed above. Together, we can make so many differences!