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Water Kefir Workshop Kuala Lumpur | The Hive Malaysia

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Come join a life-changing course that will teach you simple, effective and affordable ways to maintain gut health at The Hive.

Did you know your brain is related to your gut?

Did you know fermented food has a very high concentration of good bacteria?

Did you know fermented foods are highly digestible?

Did you know that water kefir is rated among the top 10 superfoods in the world by several health practitioners?

Our gut is often referred to as the second brain. Our gut bacteria are extremely sensitive to antibiotics, chlorinated water, antibacterial soap, agricultural chemicals and pollution. Therefore it is of utmost importance for us to keep a healthy microflora in our gut. According to Dr Mercola, the ideal balance in our body is 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria.

Probiotic in pill forms contain billions of good bacteria. However, in fermented foods, they number in trillion per serving. Therefore, one serving of fermented foods equals one bottle of probiotic.

Water kefir is one such fermented beverage. Besides having much greater colony forming units (CFU/ml) count, fermented foods are easily digestible and thus nutrients of the food are absorbed much more by our body. Among the easiest is water kefir.


Learn from our experienced practitioner Sylvia – who has hands-on experience of transforming several lives by altering their diet and specifically reaping benefits of water kefir. She will guide you through the science behind fermented foods, benefits of water kefir and how easy it is to make and consume this superfood.

The course will cover:

· Water kefir basics

· Benefits of water kefir

· How to maintain water kefir grains or re-start water kefir grains

· Recipe sharing – water kefir with other foods

· Students can take away free kefir grains and sugars


Bring a 1-litre glass jar with plastic/glass lid, cleaned and sterilized

• Bring paper and pen to take notes


The Hive Team

Workshop is expired

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