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The Hive Rose Handmade Soap Bar (100g)

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Ingredients: Sorbitol (glucitol), sucrose, propylene glycol, stearic acid, sodium laureth polysulfate, purified water, myristic acid, glycerin, lauryl alcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium hydroxide, rose extract Ingredients, coconut (COCOSNUCIFERA) oil, Melaleuca alterniflora leaf oil, sulfur spring extract, phytostatin, fertility powder, rose essential oil

Efficacy: Scientific formula for removing mites, adding rose extract, R-301 and sulfur spring extract. Effectively remove mites and prevent mites, solve various skin problems caused by mites, such as oil production, enlarged pores, and acne. Contains rose extract, melaleuca alterniflora and other plant extracts to control oil and acne, leaving skin clear and comfortable Cool, moist and smooth.

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